The Denpasoft DLC sale is here just in time to coincide with the Sekai Project Humble Bundle sale, which offers the all ages versions of Nekopara Vol. Патч для запуска NEKOPARA Vol.

Ill try updating directx because I know my card drivers are fully up to date since I just got the computer with all the updates.

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I hate it whenever I troubleshoot things, theres always one little thing im missing. Steam didn’t update the game for a while, I even tried to load the game to see if it somehow happened, but the game works fine. This is a weird problem, because you are the first to get the AE error with a fully working patch/game. The files when asked? The AE error is related to corrupted files (which doesn’t seem to be the case for you) or missing/unmatched files. The two adult files alone won’t let you play the uncensored game, so you need to replace all files included in the patch.

If you are unsure about extracting the patch, just place the patch file inside your Nekopara folder, then right-click it and press the “extract here” (or similar) button. It’ll extract the entire patch in the folder, and when it prompts you to overwrite the files, just select “Yes to all” and let it finish the job. About the torrent, you can download it using utorrent, bittorrent, deluge, transmission or any other torrent client you wish.

You just need one, so choose one you like. HOLY SHIT IT WORKS NOW!

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All I had to do was restart my computer. I did the same thing as instructed, re-downloaded the mega link and extracted the files, and shut my computer off before work. Thank you for your help and quick replies. For some reasons i can’t open the scene gallery, is this a bug or is it supposed to happen? That’s not supposed to happen. Can you upload your save? If you are resuming a save started in the all ages version, that is likely to happen, though.

RH NekoPara Vol 2 R-18 Steam Patch vol2

Sorry I doubted you Onii-san, I wanted to see if I could post comments. Then when I could I downloaded your patch and it works perfectly fine. Hey me again, you wouldn’t happen to have one for sakura angels would you? Btw I have and still am enjoying nekop. For now the next game I plan to patch is Grisaia, but only after they release the full R18 version (only god knows when).

Wow, this worked flawlessly. Great guide, great files. Thanks so much, Onii-san! I’ll definitely be coming back for the Littlewitch patch once I’ve bought that. Able to start the game directly in the files after clicking a few “ok”s for the errors popped up, not sure if the patch worked or not though, or if the game will corrupt later on in the game. Dll error is always related to your DirectX.

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Update your DirectX and it’ll work fine. Follow instructions to put it into steamapps/common/etc. Just have a teeny tiny question; if I continue to play from my save(somehow still in the Data Load option after putting in the patch), would I be still be able to get the 18+ content? Sometimes when you get in a odd position in the script, the game fails and a bunch of bugs happen. To avoid any problems like that, I think you should just hold the Ctrl key until reach the scene your last save was.

But you can still load your old save and play it fine, if nothing wrong happens, then you are pretty much fine. Hmm mine now states “steam setup: cannot load plugin krkrsteam. Dll” and will not play. That’s a dll related to the engine. Just reinstall the game or drag and drop the plugin folder again and overwrite the files.

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One of these two options will fix your problem. I’m having significant difficulty with installing the 18+ patch. I’ll list the conditions under which my issues occurred. I have first set my computer and steam to Japanese location and keyboard setting. Complete deletion of Nekopara folder and uninstalled the game using Steam library option.

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Proceed to install the game. Test game without patch installed. It appears to work with title screen working properly with visual and audio. Patch downloaded to computer via torrent. Bring patch file to folder that Nekopara is held. Extract all files from patch zip file to folder. When I attempt to activate the patched game at that point, it gives me an AE failure. And this is a repeated event despite not having a save file of Nekopara, and several fresh installations in the attempt to get the game working. Thoughts on how to remedy this? It’s a Windows 7 computer, but a new and powerful one.

Well, you are doing the steps correctly, from what I can see. It should work, even more because you downloaded the torrent.

Are you sure your extraction software works fine? Also caught my attention you changed your system locale/Steam locale.

Nekopara vol 1 r18 patch

To play Nekopara, you don’t need to. Even though the game should work fine in any locale. Maybe your computer is having trouble extracting the patch because of the locale? To be fair, I don’t really know how to solve your problem, but I think you should try using 7zip or winrar, if you aren’t using any of these. If these two don’t work, then we can rule out this option. The AE error is mostly related to missing/corrupted/mismatched files, that happens when you mix files from the R18 version with the all-ages version.

R18 voice files in a full all-ages game; even though the game wouldn’t trigger these voices because the all-ages script doesn’t call them, the engine crashes because it expected to.

Nekopara vol 1 r18 patch

I believe I got it working now after the patch. At your recommendation, I kept the locales and keyboard in english (I did it like that because another guide I was reading at the same time as yours was suggesting to do so). I also changed extractor program to to 7Zip. (I was using something called PeaZip earlier.

Nekopara как включить секс

That’s great, for a moment you got me scared of not being able to solve your problem. I just wanted to say thank you for providing this. I am fully willy to buy visual novels that look really nice (especially if they’re cute), but it bothers me greatly that we’re expected to buy them a second time if we want the 18+ material. But considering I bought the game on Steam, you’d think it’d be more accessible for those who are interested. Especially since places like DLsite and so forth always charge such outrageous prices.

Also, I had meant for this to be a fresh post in this thread, not replying at this particular conversation. To tell you the truth, I think the idea of releasing all ages versions of Visual Novels pretty nice.

Nekopara vol 1 r18 patch

I had to skip a lot of novels because they were NSFW. More than anything, I’m pushing this project forward because it’s more than making the game accessible, I want to “raise awareness” that some people really want to buy Visual Novels, and even more in Steam, but they don’t want to have their credit card information or split accounts everywhere. Someday I hope these patches become the common thing, and not done by me or several other people, but something that comes from inside, together with the game.

If Steam doesn’t open its doors, developers should. I believe I read somewhere that an upcoming VN called Beach Bounce is going to have the 18+ patch available by the translator group because Valve said they had to censor it but didn’t want to disappoint fans. I think, it’s been a while since I looked.

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But yeah, having Visual Novels on Steam has been really great because I had always been very hesitant to purchase them from random sites. Having them all in one place that’s trusted, like Steam, makes them more accessible and easier to access.

Nekopara Vol 1 2 3 R18 Steam tutorial

I also agree that more all ages VNs would be really nice, I’d just like to see developers doing this from the start rather than making an adult version and then simply stripping them out and leaving some potentially odd moments where it feels like something is missing. I have followed all the steps and uninstalled and reinstalled the game and patch but its still not working, any ideas? Man, you have the tool to extract the script?

I need to translation project (non-english), i only need the extract tool. And if the image have a non-default format (*. Jpg) a tool to extract the images. But good luck trying to break the cryptography, the reason I didn’t create a tool to replace and inject the patch files was because breaking the cryptography takes too much time and work.