If you're opening an existing project using Android Studio 3. ParLan Patch U/UTP Cat5e 2х2х0,60 PVC. Примечание №1: Если вы не получили сообщение «Note: Hot patch for 3. Символ омоложения теперь работает корректно, если целью является не сам заклинатель.

Fixed a bug that caused the Cloud of Disease spell, cast by Diseased Ghouls, to do more damage than intended. Blood of Innocents will now drop off both Doctor Theolen Krastinov (The Butcher) and Jandice Barov for players that have completed the Sarkhoff questline in Scholomance. Shadow resistance now will be more effective at mitigating the damage from Unholy Aura. The creature spell, Call of the Grave, has had its damage reduced by half. Spire Spiders now only summon four Spire Spiderlings instead of five.

Health and damage on these Spire Spiderlings has been reduced. Crystallize has been reduced from eight seconds to six seconds. Some Blackrock Spire bosses will now properly display their true level, instead of being considered world bosses (who do not display level). The doors to the Lyceum will now re-open after Magmus has been killed.

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Vault encounter has been toned down slightly. Mind Flay and Cripple will now work on Blackrock Depths bosses. Princess Theradras - Boulders thrown will now cause a knockdown as well.

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She will also be more intelligent about deciding when to use her Dust Field ability. Noxxion encounter made easier for groups lacking area of effect damage.

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Creeping Sludge poison proc has been changed to a pulsing point-blank area of effect short-range damage spell called Poison Shock. Dead Hero will now always drop an uncommon random item. Witch Doctor Zum'rah's loot table was improved. Toned down the Zigguraut event. Toned down the Antu'sul event. Fixed stuck NPCs that were causing "in combat" issues. Scarabs will no longer flee when at low health. Doors requiring the Scarlet Key can now also be opened with a Large Seaforium Charge in addition to the lockpick ability. Doors requiring the Workshop Key can now be opened with a Small Seaforium Charge.

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The "cannon door" can now be opened with a Small Seaforium Charge in addition to the lockpick ability. Quests that take you into dungeons are now denoted "Dungeon" in the quest log, and are sorted under the dungeon to which they take you. Decrepit Guardians in Andorhal were changed to non-elite. The Heroes of Darrowshire quest in Eastern Plaguelands now gives anexperience reward. Increased the drop rate of Shadowmaw Claws for Mok'thardin's Enchantment. Fixed an issue with the Green Hills of Stranglethorn quest. If players destroy one of the chapters, Barnil will now help them relocate it.

The quest, Scarlet Diversions, should now be easier to complete.

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Reduced the speed at which the Magrami ghosts are attracted to the Ghost Magnet in the Ghost-o-plasm Round Up quest. Modified quest text to suggest players move away from where they place their magnet. Princess Poobah now waits for 60 seconds before despawning after thecompletion of the Message in a Bottle quest.

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Fixed pathing on the assassins of the Protect Kanati Greycloud quest,to prevent them from getting stuck. Arei the Treant is now PvP-enabled. If Horde players attack himwhile Alliance players are escorting him, the Horde players will nowbe flagged for PvP. The It's Dangerous to Go Alone quest in Un'goro no longer requires a deprecated item to complete.

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The health of the Corrupted Saber (escortee in the Corrupted Sabers quest) was increased. Zaricotl no longer drops an NYI (Not Yet In) quest item (the Pocked Black Box) for Horde players. The epic item questline for the turning in of the Beast's hide has had its monetary requirements lowered to 50 gold. The Molten Core Dark Iron turn-in quests (Favor Amongst the Brotherhood) have had several major changes. Turning in Dark Iron Ore will now result in half of its previous faction reward.

However, the turn-in requirements for Fiery Core, Core Leather, and Lava Core have been substantially reduced and their faction rewards quadrupled.

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For the Kodo Roundup quest in Desolace, bringing a Tamed Kodo back to Smeed Scrabblescrew now works. The King of the Foulweald quest event in Ashenvale now has the Enraged Foulwealds spawn as soon as Karang's Banner is placed. The Zamek's Distraction quest event in Thousand Needles now causes Rizzle to leave his hut (and leave his Indurium Plans behind). End quest added to Hydraxis quest line, offering players a reward. The amount of waves players must fight in the Belnistrasz quest eventhas been reduced. Argent Dawn Valor Tokens, Minion's Scourgestones, Invader's Scourgestones, and Corruptor's Scourgestones now stack in quantities greater than 20.

You may now turn in Thorium Shells in exchange for Thorium Headed Arrows. Both Orgrimmar and Ironforge have a turn-in NPC. Smudge Thunderbrew in Ravenholdt Manor now sells the recipe for Thistle Tea to those rogues who completed the quest and inadvertently destroyed their recipes. The Horde version of the quest A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands! Should now only be available once after accepting the quest. The text for the Je'neu and the Earthen Ring quest has been clarified. The completion point for the The Fragments Within quest should now appear in the mini-map.

The Araj's Scarab quest should now properly reflect that it is an elite difficulty quest. The duration of Arcane Quickeners has been increased to 30 minutes. The reward for completing the quest Morrowgrain to Feathermoon Stronghold has been increased to 10 packets of seeds per five morrowgrain. The Evergreen Pouch as used by Herbalists with a skill of 150+ has been modified. The chance of getting morrowgrain when the pouch is used has been slightly increased. The Order Must Be Restored quest now gives a Stormwind reputation boost upon completion.

The Roll the Bones quest has been lowered in level. There are now more lockboxes available in the Ruins of Andorhal for the Counting Out Time quest.

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The Mangled Journal found in Un'Goro Crater now drops for all members of a group. The Shattered Necklace in Badlands and Uldaman now drops for all members of a group. The Winterfall Activity quest is now available to players who are at the minimum point of Friendly reputation with the Timbermaw Furbolgs. Ghede and Jenal in the Un'Goro Soil quest now appear in the mini-map when it is time to talk to them.

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It is also clearer where they are in the quest text. Quests marked as Gadgetzan in the header of the quest log should now be displayed as Tanaris. Typos fixed for many quests.

Pets in defensive mode that respond to attacks will no longer flag their masters for PvP. If the master issues an explicit attack command, the master will be flagged. You can issue pet commands while you are stunned, fleeing, etc. Pets and summons no longer get stuck when you get on a boat or zeppelin. Non-aggressive enemy NPCs no longer attack pets and summons.

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Felicia Maline in Stormwind is now giving a discount on gryphon rides for players who have Honored or greater reputation with Stormwind. The Argent Dawn is offering new rewards to heroes who are Revered and Exalted to the Dawn. Speak to a quartermaster of the Argent Dawn for more information! If a player is under the effects of mind control by another player, then reputation adjustments for killing creatures go to the controlling player. Larger factions (Horde, Alliance, Steamwheedle Cartel, etc. Now report reputation increases and decreases across the board if so affected.

Rivern Frostwind's death no longer gives reputation adjustments for Horde and Alliance factions. Winterfall Pathfinders in Winterspring now give Timbermaw reputation adjustments when killed.

The loss of overall reputation when a player loses reputation at the higher tiers of a faction (Friendly, Honored, Revered, Exalted) has been substantially reduced. You can now have multiple action bars on screen at the same time. You can activate the additional action bars through the Interface options menu. You can now have quest completion criteria for the quests you are currently on display on the game screen as well as in the quest log. If you shift-click on a quest in the quest log, it will display the completion criteria on the main game screen underneath the mini-map.

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You will now be able to tell how many other players in your group have the same quest you do. When you are in a group, it will display the number of other players in the group who have the quest in parenthesis to the left of the quest name. If you mouse over the quest name, it will display the names of the other players in the party who have the quest in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Chat bubbles have been added to the game. Now when a player or NPC uses a /say or /yell chat command, it is displayed in the game screen by default as a chat bubble as well as in the chat log.

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It displays above the head of the character talking, but only if you can see the character. This functionality can be turned off should you desire. This functionality also exists for party chat, but is turned off by default. Both options are turned on or off in the "Interface" options window. The /bug and /suggest commands have been removed from the game. This functionality was mainly for beta test purposes and not intended for our live audience.

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To submit bug reports, please petition a GM. To make a suggestion about the game, please use the Suggestions forum on the WorldofWarcraft. Level information is no longer available to the scripting system for dangerously high-level enemies. Improved client performance with chat filter enabled. You can no longer change armor sets while your enemies are stunned. If more than one player ties a loot roll, a random player will receive the loot. Monster tooltips now display the hostile color in an easier to read shade of red.