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The Attack Rating displayed for the Assassin kick skills is no longer higher than the actual Attack Rating. Improved compatibility with dual-monitor Macintosh systems. Prevented a crash when using the scroll bars and highlighting games in Battle.

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Summon Spirit Wolf no longer overstates the Damage. Spirit of Barbs, Heart of Wolverine, and Oak Sage no longer understate their radii of effect. When the Automap option "Center" is off, the Automap no longer centers upon opening the Skill Tree or Inventory. The extraneous text in the Change Realm dialog box has been removed. The health bar of a Flayer knocked from his Flayer Shaman now works. Fixed a general monster health bar overflow bug. A temporary loss of the Stamina Shrine effect no longer occurs.

The Skill Tree levels are now displayed properly when a player equips both a non-melee item that boosts all character class skills along with a weapon that boosts an individual skill. Skills granted by items are now always displayed as such in the Skill Tree. The damage displayed on the character screen is now correct when a character with high strength has no weapon equipped. The damage displayed on the character screen is now correct for Freezing Arrow and Holy Shock. The hover text of the Amazon skill Multiple Shot now correctly displays that it does 3/4 weapon damage. When the Assassin has two Claws equipped and is using the Weapon Block skill, the Chance to Block percentage properly appears in the hover text of the Defense stat in the character screen.

The Golden Bird quest status is shown correctly in the quest log, if one exits the game before getting the reward.

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The Redemption skill description now correctly states that it affects only the caster, not the party. The Redemption skill graphic effect can no longer appear erroneously when a player returns from town through a Town Portal. The Thunderstorm skill graphic effect now displays properly. The damage listed on the character screen for Holy Shock no longer appears blue. Hardcore Assassins and Druids no longer appear as cloaked figures in the multiplayer character selection screen of DII Classic. Message log scrolling is now more responsive. Players now see other players kicking barrels.

Berserker Axe" is now spelled correctly.

Diablo III Patches

Io, Shael, and Jah Runes now have Korean, Japanese, and Chinese translations. Corrected localization (translation, text box sizes, etc. For a number of issues in French, German, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. Implemented a new system to detect and delete 'duped', 'hacked' and other erroneous items from the inventories of Realm Characters as they are loaded. Increased the damage of nearly all skills above skill level 20. Added synergy bonuses to many skills. The bonuses boost the effectiveness of the higher-level skills based upon the number of points allocated to the lower-level (synergizing) skills.

Players are rewarded for using skill points earlier rather than hoarding them all for later 'cookie-cutter' distribution to high-level skills. Rebalanced the rate of Unique/Set/Rare/Magic items drop. Lower Resist and Conviction skills now work properly against immune monsters. Cold Mastery has been changed to a constant amount. Elemental Piercing versus immunities has been changed to a constant amount. Improved the existing 7 class-specific Sets by adding and/or boosting partial and complete Set bonuses.

Also added a visual effect to wearers of these complete Sets. Limited the maximum experience gain from The Ancients quest in Act V to 1 character level. One can no longer enter Town Portals cast by other players in areas beyond the "blocking quests" without having completed those quests: e. Canyon of the Magi/Seven Tombs/Duriel's Lair (The Summoner), The Harem/Palace Basement/Arcane Sanctuary (The Tainted Sun), Durance of Hate (The Blackened Temple), The Worldstone Keep (The Ancients), The Secret Cow Level (Terror's End in DII classic or Eve of Destruction in DII: LoD).

NOTE: A player who kills the High Council (but doesn't use Khalim's Will to smash the Compelling Orb), may take a Town Portal into the Durance of Hate. NPCs no longer accept lower difficulty quest items to complete quests in a higher difficulty. Atma now heals automatically. Quest items are automatically identified when they drop. Increased the challenge of Mephisto and the Ancients. Increased the damage and defense of Andariel, Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal. Gave Mephisto a more powerful Frost Nova, based on his own (not player's) stats.

Added blocking and resistances to Duriel. Reduced the levels of all auras used by Unique monsters. Added more Unique monsters to the open areas of Acts IV and V. Life leeching is now determined by each monster type and reduced below 100% in Nightmare and Hell Difficulties. Added resistances and blocking to the Unravelers in Act II in Hell Difficulty.

Всё о игре Diablo от Blizzard

Increased monster hit-points in one player games and reduced the increase to monster hit-points for each additional player in multiplayer games. Boosted the effects of Health and Mana potions. Mana potions are now sold by some shopkeepers.

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The Antidote potion now gives +50 poison resistance and +10 max poison resist for 30 seconds. The Thawing potion now gives +50 cold resistance and +10 max cold resist for 30 seconds. The Stamina potion now gives super stamina recovery for 30 seconds. Magic bows with the properties "Fires Magic Arrows" or "Fires Explosive Arrows" have these properties at appropriate skill levels rather than being fixed at level 1.

Improved gambling by increasing the chances for Rare, Set, and Unique items. Improved monster drops by boosting the base item types and by increasing the chance for Rares. Increased the chances that dropped items have the magic properties of Enhanced damage, Life-stealing, Mana-stealing, and + to all Resistances. Increased hireling Life/attack rating/defense/level. Also removed the skill cap from Act III hirelings.

(Hireling level at hiring is now different between DII classic and LoD.

Increased life regeneration for hirelings. Boosted the effect of Health potions upon hirelings. Lowered the cost of resurrection of hirelings. Increased the leash range of hirelings. Summonables except for Revived monsters and pets that don't attack or defend - e.

Vines now get Defense and Attack Rating based on their level. Bone Walls are now friendly to the caster's party - that is, not attackable. Improved Blood Raven's behavior. Guest monsters (those from earlier Acts and lower difficulty levels) compute their Treasure Class (for item dropping) appropriately for their new, higher levels. Chilling Armor no longer responds to other Chilling Armor bolts. A player may have up to 16 corpses now. Only the first (oldest) corpse holding items is saved between games.

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In Nightmare and Hell difficulties recovering one's corpse now restores 75% of the Experience that had been lost at death. This applies to all of a player's corpses. Block lock' has been eliminated. When a player character has just blocked an attack, the player cannot block again for a short period of time, the length of which increases as Blocking speed increases. Reduced the 'lag' when Lister the Tormentor and his minions are summoned by Baal. The levels of The Forgotten Tower are now larger in Nightmare and Hell difficulties.

Increased the likelihood of dropping Elite items. Only a very few Unique items and new 'uber' items are now over level 85. That is, the best items now drop more often. Jewels and other modifiers can now boost the elemental damage of a melee weapon if that trait is listed as part of the Jewel description.

The Buriza's level (not its level requirement) was increased to 59. Items that grant skills bestow a lower skill level to those character classes who natively have the skill in their skill tree. Note that Charged items receive synergy and mastery bonuses, but don't receive bonuses by assigning extra points to the skill. Boosted the Cham Rune freeze effect on weapons from +1 to +3.

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The Eth Rune's effect is now "-25% to Target AC". Thus, 4 Eth Runes reduce the target AC to zero. The modifier "Ignores Target AC" no longer acts upon SuperUniques, hirelings, and Act-end bosses. Its lack of effect upon player characters and unique monsters remains unchanged. Changed the Horadric Cube recipe that had used 3 chipped gems to require 3 standard gems as follows: 3 standard gems + 1 socketed weapon = socketed, magic weapon.

Changed the two Horadric Cube recipes for Rejuvenation Potions to require a chipped gem and a standard gem. One may sell items to an NPC without the confirmation dialog by ctrl-left-clicking on them. Increased the size of the message log from 32 to 128 lines.

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Reduced the density of the graphic special effect displaying curses. Added optimizations to light map computation and added various levels of light map fidelity which automatically adjust to keep the frame rate acceptable. Selecting "Show Party - No" in the Automap Options now shows one's pets.

Diablo II version history

In the inventory an unidentified Unique item is now shown as its generic item type. Improved the accuracy of the Mana cost display. Added a graphic effect to the Whirlwind skill. Improved the second level charge-up graphic effect of the Assassin's Phoenix Strike. Added new color schemes for certain Rare, Set, and Unique items. Maces and Staves now display "+50% Damage to Undead", consistent with other weapon classes.

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He TCP/IP Join Game button remembers the last IP address entered. 'fps') are now preceded by a slash (e. A new chat command '/nopickup' toggles on/off the ability to automatically pick up items lying on the ground. When off, one must hold down the Alt key to pick up items. Monsters (except for SuperUniques) in non-ladder Realm games are now at 75% HP (Hell), 85% AC (NM & Hell), and don't increase their AI speed for higher difficulties.